Performers at Children’s Week

Throughout the 70 year history of Children’s Week there have been hundreds and hundreds of performers keeping Children from Paignton and across the country entertained on Paignton Green. The Replay team have delved deep into the photo archive of the Children’s Week team and have found a fantastic range of photos of performers past and present. Postman PatYou will see lots of variety of performers from clowns to theatrical companies, cartoon characters, magic acts, and more. What is noticeable about all of the pictures is that there is always a large crowd of children watching all of the wonderful performers.

We have had theatre companies visit us and fire acrobats who have amazed everyone watching.

fire manclock tower

laurel n hardy

There have been lots of memorable larger-than-life characters coming down to Paignton Green too (literally larger than life!). They are always very popular with lots of children


florence m roundabout

performance on stage performancesjugglingpolicemen

These black and white pictures were given to the Rep!ay team by the Herald Express and were taken in 1992

witch 91snoopy 91

p pat 1991

And of course….there is the ever popular punch and judy shows!! In the colour picture you can see the Festival Theatre in the background. That is now the VUE cinema!

punch n j festival theatrePUNCH &  JUDY- Preston  [Post Cd 1950-60s]


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